Industrial Raw Materials
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Bakery - Confectionary

Flour Improvers
TopBake MT Nova Baking concentrate for bread and rolls. Dosage 0,5 % on flour.
TopBake BUN Improver No.1 S Baking concentrate (soya free) for buns and sandwich. Dosage 2-3% on flour.
TopBake Toast BM 0,5 % GR Baking concentrate for toast bread and sandwich. Dosage 0,5% on flour.
TopBake CoolMax GR Improver for retarded and frozen doughs. Dosage 2-3% on flour.
TopBake Cold Gold Improver for frozen doughs, also providing sufficient nutrition for the yeast even for retarded fermentation processes such as deep-freezing. Dosage 2-3% on flour.
TopBake Fresh 0,3 % Baking enzyme for superior bread quality, crumb softness and an enhanced shelf life of the baked goods. Dosage 0,3% on flour.
TopRise GDL Baking powder based on glucono-delta-lacton as raising agent. Because of the absence of phosphates the bakery goods do not have the typical taste of baking powder.
TopBake Croissant Direkt Baking concentrate for all laminated frozen yeast doughs with dosage 5% on flour. Appropriate for raw-frozen croissants baked straight from the freezer (from freezer to oven).
MIPAR PB και Mipar PB 02 Baking concentrate for Part-Baked wheat products. Excellent application in part-baked – frozen pizza base. Dosage 1,4% on flour.
TopBake WA Pure SB Dough conditioner, Ε-free, which increases the Water Absorption during dough preparation, thus the prolonging crumb softness throughout the shelf life of the products. It is based on vegetable fibers and enzymes. Dosages are in the range of 0,2-1,5% on flour, depending on the desirable increase of the water absorption.
Bakery Mixtures
TopBake Ciabatta 10% Baking concentrate for the production of Italian style ciabatta bread, it has an unique taste and pore structure. Dosage 10% on flour .
TopBake Rice Bread 10% AF Complete mix for mix and manufacturing of Rice Bread. This premix is a blend for the preparation of bread made from non-gluten containing flours. Consists of rice flour and rice starch. Active ingredients are based on hydrocolloids like modified starch, modified cellulose gum and vegetable fibers. Provides good baking results such as shape and volume.
Multicorn Seed mix for preparing flavorant multi-grain bread. Dosage 18 - 25% on flour.
TopBake Yoghurt Malt Multigrain 50% Premix for the production of multigrain bakery goods with rich smell and taste of yoghurt .
TopBake Dinkel Vollkorn Mix 40% bakery mix for wholemeal spelt bread, it contains dried wholemeal spelt sour dough and all the ingredients for savoury wholemeal spelt bread requires.
DINKEL flours Whole grain DINKEL flour και DINKEL flour Τ630.
Rye flour and Carob flour
Confectionary Mixtures
Mipar Pound Cake Complete mixture for the production of pound cakes with a soft crumb and lonf shelf life. It requires the addition of egg, vegetable oil and water.
TopSweet Muffin Mix S Complete mixture for the production of muffins. It requires the addition of vegetable oil and water.
TopSweet Sponge Cake GR 02 Balanced premix for the production of sponge cakes, dosage 10%.
Best Rise S Baking powder.
Pastry Cream - Bechamel
Custard Cream Vanilla custard for fillings, bake stable.
Stabisol BCG2 Powder base for bakery fillings. Dosage 350 - 400 g / lt water.
Citrus peel pastes and fruit pastes
Orange Peel Paste and Lemon Peel Paste Natural paste of orange and lemon peels. It gives to the final products (such as cakes, orange pie, tsoureki, cookies, biscuits etc) peely, fruity and fresh taste and odour. Dosage 2-5% depending on application.
Strawberry Paste with intense flavor and taste. Dosage 0,3-0,5% depending on application.
Flavours French origin
Flavours Butter, Orange, Vanilla, Milk Cream, Cinnamon, Bitter chocolate, Caramel, Mastic, Anethol ex Badiane.
Potassium Sorbate (Ε 202) Preservative, mainly against fungi and yeasts.
Sodium diacetate (Ε262) Is used as preservative and buffer .
Calcium propionate (Ε282) Preservative, mainly against fungi, used in bakery goods.