Industrial Raw Materials
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Starting materials for baking

Malt flours, active or non-active, in different types
Barley Malt Flour EBC 1500 Barley malt flour, carefully roasted, for intense colouring in whole grain and multispeed bakery goods.
Barley Malt Flour EBC 1000 Barley malt flour, carefully roasted, without any enzymatic activity. It is used for colouring and aromatic purpose in whole grain and multispeed bakery goods.
Rye Malt Flour Rye malt flour with enzymatic activity WK 110-150.
Aromatic Barley and Wheat Malt Flour EBC 80 Special roasted wheat malt with a special taste.
Klimalt Wheat Malt Flour EBC 30 Aromatic wheat malt flour finest, roasted.
Caramel Malt Flour EBC 300 Pure, finely ground and roasted barley malt flour without enzymatic activity.
Diastatic Malt Flour Finest wheat malt flour with enzymatic activity WK 350-450 (DU80).
Mulgaprot E- IP Flour treatment agent based on monoglycerides (E 471) co-sprayed with standardised lecithin (E 322) on wheat flour as carrier.
Mulgaprime 90 F Emulsifier mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (Ε 471).
DATEM E472e Diacetyltartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides.
Mulgaprime Sponge 40 Aereting emulsifier for all types of cakes manufactured from whipped batters. It improves the texture and the crumb structure and thus in increased volume of the finished products.
Other starting materials
Elco Κ 100, Elco C 100 K Ascorbic acid 100% or in various concentrations: 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%.
Soft 10 WS, Soft Bio, Soft 10 WFd (H), Soft 5 WFd (H) ) Powdered L-cysteine hydrochloride 5-10% on different carrier such as wheat starch, wheat flour, heat treated flour or semolina.
SOYnovo VES Enzyme active soybean flour ( full fat ) with content of protein more than 40%. It is used to achieve a whiter crumb colour og Fresch type bread.Dosage 0,1-0,7% on flour.
EMCEVit C Standarized, baking active wheat gluten.
TopBake SW Dried wheat sour dough based on bio-active, natural wheat sour for the production of wheat bread. Dosage 1-4% on flour.
TopBake SR Dried rye sour dough based on bio-active natural rye sour dough, with a stronger taste in comparison to sour wheat. Dosage 1-4% on flour.
SoftZym Inactive dry yeast for the replacement of cysteine. Dosage 300 g / 100 kg flour.