Industrial Raw Materials
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Juice and Beverage Treatment

Enzymes are no food additives but processing aids. That means, enzymes do not require any separate identification when used in fruit juice or concentrate production. The German Fruit Juice Regulation and the EU Directive permit pectolytic, proteolytic and amylolytic enzymes. In addition, guidelines for vegetable juices allow cellulolytical activities.
Enzymes for the treatment of the fruit mash
Fructozym PRESS highly concentrated enzyme preparation for intensive enzymatisation of pome fruit mash. Optimized yield and capacity during pressing and pomace extraction.
Pectolytic enzymes
Fructozym P6-L Universal enzyme for fruit processing. It is an acidity tolerant pectolytic enzyme (including a strong arabanase activity).
Fructozym P6-ΧL Especially concentrated pectinase for rapid and complete pectin degradation, in fruit juices.
Fructozym ΒΕ Special enzyme for the processing of berries. It degrades fast and completely pectin and it also decomposes colloids.
Fructozym EC COLOR Special enzyme for making particularly colour-intensive coloured juices. The enzyme supports the release of stable colour pigments and polyphenols. Berry fruit juices and beverages with colour pigments based on anthocyanins profit by showing more intensive and stable deep red/blue colour.
Fructozym COLOR Highly active special pectinase for the processing of coloured fruits. The use of this enzymes results in colour intense and colour stable fruit juices.
Fructozym NAR Πηκτινάση για την αποπίκρανση του χυμού ροδιού.
Fructozym FLOW UF Special enzyme for the treatment of juices rich in colloids. Complete pectin degradation in juices as prerequisite for clarification and filtration.
Fructozym UF Special enzyme for improved filtration in ultra-filtration plants.
Enerzyme HT Glucoamylase for the saccharification of starch.
Enerzyme Crystal Special amylase for complete starch degradation .
Invertase 20 Enzyme Invertase with strong degrading activity on sucrose which is converted into dextrose and fructose.
Citrus fruits
Citrolase TS Special enzyme for pulp and core wash juice extraction and concentration.
Citrolase NC Increased yield in citrus peel extracts.
Fructase Citrus Cloudy Natural cloudifiers. Increased efficiency when yielding citrus peel extract.
Fructase PL Pure pectin lyase.
Advantages by using natural cloudifiers from orange fruit peels
  • Increase of yield from 53% to 62%
  • Improved ratio of viscosity and turbidity
  • Better ability for evaporation
  • No precipitation in a long term storage test after heating-chilling enhancement
Canning industry
Fructozym FLOT Enzymatic fruit firming. Highly concentrated pectinesterase for the hardening of fruit.
Clarification / Fining
Blancobent UF Highly pure calcium-sodium bentonite for crossflow filter systems.
Erbigel First-rate, ground edible gelatin (90-100 Bloom) for polyphenol reduction and clarification/fining.
FloraClair Natural plant protein for clarification and harmonisation.
Klar-Sol 30 Alkaline silica sol for clarification / fining.
Klar-Sol Super Highly efficient special silica sol for clarification / fining.
Αkticol FA-UF Highly activated carbon powder for colour reduction during ultra-filtration.
Erbsloeh Schaum-ex F Silicon defoamer for the prevention of undesirable foam formation.
Vitamin premixes
Vitamin premixes for the fortification of fruit juices company SternVitamin.
SternVit BC 1% SD beta-carotene, in powder form, water-soluble.
Stabilizer, Preservatives, Acidifiers and Sweeteners
Guar Gum (3500 cps and 5000 cps) Natural polysaccharide, it is used as a stabilizer in fruit juices and soft drinks. Origin India.
Hydrogum Liquid arabic gum, origin Germany.
Potassium sorbate Preservative, origin Germany.
Ascorbic acid Anti-oxidant, origin Germany.
Citric acid Acidifier, origin Belgium.
Flavouring origin France. Great variety of flavors which meet your needs, such as:
  • Sugar free
  • Clean label – E free
  • Natural and organic flavors
  • Halal and Kosher
  • WONF etc