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Winery - Distillery

Wine Yeasts
Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. bayanus This active dried wine yeast is a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae selected for alcohol tolerance and versatility. BAYANUS produces low levels of secondary aromas and can be used for both red and white wines production. Ideal when there is a need to restart a stuck ferment (high alcohol, low sugar). Suitable during the second fermentation process (in bottles or Charmat).
Aromatic yeast strain Υ1301 Robust strain suitable for many types of fermentation even in difficult conditions (highly clarified juice, low pH). Y1301 has the capacity to produce high levels of fruity esters (tropical fruits, floral esters) making this strain ideal to the production of white and rosé wines from neutral varietal grapes.
Oenoferm X-thiol Non-GMO hybrid yeast alcohol-tolerant to intensify fruity thiols and exotic aromas. It is selected for its high fermentation power and alcohol-tolerance. It is used for the formation of complex fermentation aromas and intensified production of aromas of tropical fruit.
Oenoferm X-treme Non-GMO hybrid yeast, strongly fermenting for X-treme aroma profile with spicy, fruity character. Suitable for white and rose wines, perfect for Pinot grapes, Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon blanc.
Oenoferm Bouquet White wine yeast for the development of animating, fresh fruit aromas. It produces high amounts of esters and contributes to a great variation of aromas. Advantageous for this formation is a steady and regular fermentation.
OenoFerm LA-HOG non-GMO yeast for more harmony and improvement of the mouthfeel through increased formation of glycerol at the expense of ethanol. Suitable for white and red wine. new product
Oenoferm Bio and Oenoferm Be-Red Organic wine yeasts for white and red wine equivalent.
Fermentation aids
Vitamon CE Nutrient supply for strongly pre-clarified musts. A sluggish or stuck fermentation course is avoided and a safe fermentation process is promoted. The highly effective combination product consists of diammonium phosphate, vitamin B1, inactive yeast cells and cellulose. Dosage 30-50 g/HL.
Glutazym D Inactive dried yeast. Improves the fermentation by removing toxic fatty acids, which can accumulate during fermentation, inhibiting sugar transport into yeast cell and resulting in a slow or stuck fermentation.
Bentonite / Activated carbon
SodiBent Supra Pure, natural sodium bentonite powder.
NaCalit PORE-TEC Premium Na-Ca bentonite. Granulation according to PORE-TECnology.
Ca-Granulat Calcium bentonite granulated.
FermoBent PORE-TEC Must bentonite granulated for timesaving co-fermentation, direct addition.
Granucol FA Selectively reacting activated carbon pellets for versatile use.
Akticol FA Selectively reacting activated carbon powder for colour adsorption.
Most Rein PORE-TEC Bentonite-activated carbon granulate.
  • Νo preservatives
  • Νon-GMO
  • Erbslöh is member of the European Association of Manufacturers and Formulators of Enzyme Products (Amfep)
  • DF means Depsidase Free. Depsidases are ester cleaving enzyme activities – well-known is the cinnamoyl esterase. They naturally occur in almost all pectinase preparations as more or less strong side activities. Due to the effect of the depsidases wines lose freshness and start ageing prematurely. Shelf life is drastically reduced because the aroma “reservoir” is used up prematurely
Trenolin Super Plus Highly active, depsidase-free, liquid pectinase. Increase of free run-off juice, rapid and compact settling of lees, improvement of filtration.
Trenolin Flot DF Highly active, depsidase-free liquid special flotation enzyme for quickest possible depectinization for ideal buoyancy of sediment particles.
Trenolin Bouquet Plus Highly active, depsidase-free liquid pectinase with an early, aroma-releasing effect. The newly developed ß-glycosidase activity can be used in mash, in must, during malolactic fermentation and in wine. Due to the sugar tolerant ß-glycosidase activity, Trenolin Bouquet PLUS can be applied before alcoholic fermentation to release aroma precursors. Silver medal during the exhibition InterVitis InterFructa Hortitechnica 2016. new product
Trenolin Rot DF Liquid, pectolytic enzyme preparation for red and rosé wine-making, depsidase-free. The treatment of the mash with this enzyme effects early release of colouring matter and thus considerably shortens the rest periods of the mash necessary for the liberation of these substances.
Trenolin Filtro DF Efficient enzyme for clarification and filtration, depsidase-free. Particularly for must and young wines from mashes/crushed grapes with increased contents of mucilaginous substances and colloids.
Trenolin Thermo DF Efficient enzyme for clarification and filtration, depsidase-free. Particularly for must and young wines from mashes/crushed grapes with increased contents of mucilaginous substances and colloids.
Trenolin Frio DF Liquid special enzyme for effective pectin degradation during cold maceration and cold clarification already as of 5 °C, depsidase-free.
Clarification / Fining
Erbsloeh Mostgelatine Liquid gelatin-milkcaseinate derivative for the reduction of disturbing tannins in mash and must.
ErbiGel Flot Selected special gelatin for flotation in grape musts/juices. The Bloom value ranges at around 200, for quick flocculation and the binding of phenols during flotation.
LiquiGel Flot Liquid special gelatin for grape must flotation.
ErbiGel First-rate, ground edible gelatin (bloom value 90-100) for polyphenol reduction and clarification/fining.
ErbiGel Liquid Acidically digested liquid gelatin.
Klar-Sol 30 και Klar-Sol Super Alkaline silica sol and highly efficient special silica sol for clarification/fining.
FloraClair Plant protein made from peas which are not genetically modified. It is free from casein and non-allergic.
Erbsloeh PVPP Insoluble polyvinylpolypyrrolidone to reduce phenolic substances and their oxidation products in wine.
Crystal stabilasation
VinoStab Liquid carboxymethylcellulose for long-term crystal stabilisation.
Metavin Carefully esterified metatartaric acid for crystal stabilisation.
Sensory evaluation and removal of sulphide off-flavours
HydroGum Gum arabic liquid. It enhances the mouthfeel of the wines. Moreover the wines acquire a full-bodied character. In red and rosé wines, HydroGum has also a colour stabilising effect.
Kupfat Copper sulphate for the elimination of sulphide off-odours.
Ercofid Silver chloride preparation for the removal of persistent sulphide off-flavours.
OakyVin Series Oak Chips for the international wine type. Different types : American oak, German oak and French oak.
Erbsloeh Tannins Series Oenological tannins.
Potassium metabisulfite in white, crystalline form. for the sulphuring of mash, must and wine. It protects against oxidation and to suppress undesirable microorganisms in must and wine.
LittoTabs Effervescent sulphur cachets for sulphuring also in small-size vessels.
Solution Sulfureuse P18 Aqueous, slightly yellowish solution of potassium metabisulfite.
Microbiological stabilisation
Elco K 100 Ascorbic acid is an antioxidizing agent for the protection against oxidation and stabilization of taste and bouquet.
Citric Acid Is used in order to increase the acidity. It also prevents the ferric haze.
Potassium Sorbate Preservative. It prevents spoilage by yeasts and molds in the finished wine.